Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Treasure the Incredible Joyride on the Rajasthan Luxury Train Tours

Rajasthan is always linked with royalty and luxury. The state has a regal spirit and flamboyant persona that has lent an aura of charming luxury to this destination. There are many forts, palaces, temples and heritage mansions that retain the real essence of the royal kingdoms. While standing still, these architectural legacies narrate the enchanting and gracious side of royal families. Same is the case with endearing hospitality that also brings laurels to the royal state as the congenial destination.

Hospitality is embedded in the spirit of Rajasthan and this is one of the distinctive aspects why tourists continue to come here throughout the year. The well-known hospitable traditions here truly inspire the people here to indulge the guests with their courteous hospitality.

Greeting people with smiles, helping tourists in their needs, serving them bigheartedly and guiding them wherever and whenever possible is just one side of Rajasthan's hospitality. The other side of generosity here surrounds the tourists in ultimate luxury.

There are many ways to familiarity the royal luxury here. Tourists can stay in the inheritance mansions or hotels and even travel in a commanding way over the luxury trains of India. Two of the five luxury train brands in India belong to the royal Rajasthan. This fact itself defines the destination's fascination of luxury.

Inspired by the illustrious past of the region, these special trains present the finest side of India for tourists who want nothing but the best. Even though this indulgence comes at overgenerous prices, still every dollar spent for this special ride is worth it for the incredible experiences it offers with every expedition.

These trains present a contrasting interpretation on luxury of the land. The first one, the Palace on Wheels is deeply subdued and conditioned as per the state's continuing heritage. It is also the first luxury train in India. Inspired by the indulgent lifestyles of the kings, the train offers promising way to enjoy the royal luxury in the most impressive way.

Rightly described as a week in wonderland, this special train trip is bedecked with the luxury of all kinds one expects for a highly amazing holiday. Every imaginable indulgence belonging to the royal times is an exclusive part of this luxury train. When it started the operations, the train had coaches used by princely rulers of India during their long journeys. In modern times, the exclusive railway upgraded its coaches as per the contemporary standards. Still, the heritage amount is deeply etched with the name of the Palace on Wheels train and tourists come to witness its same old world charm.

Another disparity edge of the train is the legacy of Khidmatgars. These were the royal attendants who always served the kings with great dedication. The appointment of Khidmatgars inside the train also establishes the importance of guest's comfort aboard. After all, the guests are the kings travelling for a week aboard the Palace on Wheels.

The second one, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is the modern-day interpretation of the region's reminiscent royalty. Conceptualized as the creative culmination of the old and the new, this royal railway is intended in a contemporary royal way. The train keeps the legacy of its parent train intact with the inclusion of splendid interiors, wishful dining & wines, and modified service by the Khidmatgars. All overcome the lavish crown of receptive and welcoming hospitality.

Remaining wonderments of this exclusive journey is covered through the stately excursions around the royal destination. Featuring a sightseeing of fairy-tale forts, desert citadels, rich palaces and exclusive game drives, these excursions are one of the major tourist attractions of these rare luxury train experiences in Rajasthan.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Luxury Trains of India - A Carrier of Priceless Culture

India is known worldwide for its rich cultural wealth. The culture here is seen as a way of life and is reflected by its colours, dance, music, monuments, traditions, hospitality and royal luxury. These attractive aspects express the country's priceless heritage creatively. Tourists coming to India are totally fascinated by its culture and want to have a first hand experience of the country's cultural expression.

For travelers, a journey in the luxury trains comes as the most fascinating experience of a lifetime. The railways here offer selective journeys through the cultures thriving on royalty, receptive hospitality and luxurious lifestyle. The trains creatively blend the essence of exotic Indian luxury with its colourful culture to create a memorable experience. A journey of seven days with unique itineraries combining heritage, traditions and luxury of the royal regions in a way that is larger than life a travel on-board of these luxury chariot is a 'must do' on an Indian visit.

The special aspect of these luxury trains is its association with the past. These trains authentically recreate the full-fledged royal ambiance and experience for the travellers and offer them a glimpse of the glorious past and the present of India.

  The trains here epitomize the welcoming nature of the country. As per this, the guests experience the rich and receptive hospitality based on the customary Indian welcome based on Aarti and Tilaka. There is a deep meaning behind this ritual. Indians believe that there is god in everyone, so through this ritual, they respect the god in you. This welcoming reception makes the passengers eagerly await the fabulous experiences.

But wait, this is just a beginning in a string of royal experiences. Every moment following this is a testimony of exclusivity and priceless experience which begins right from the point guests board the train. The palatial ambiance of the luxury trains based on the region's cultural magnificence awes the guests. The carpetted walkways lead the purveyors of royalty to their respective personal suites for the most personal experience of royal luxury. Other social spaces like restaurants, lounge bars, etc also echo the same exciting palatial fervour. The main attempt for this royal theme is to establish the richness of the country's culture in its art, craft, and lavish traditions. 

Adding on to this, the guests also receive superlative assistance, thanks to the inclusion of ardent attendants, fondly addressed as Khidmatgars. Equipped in catering to the requirements of all kinds, the attendants on a journey serve the guests with their timely and effective service. They even present the most hospitable experience to the guests based on the receptive Indian culture.

Next comes the most interesting part of any India luxury train tour, i.e. excursions. There are many custom made tours that offer the cultural sightseeing of unique monuments, forts, palaces and other architectural attractions. The special guided tours also introduce the guests to the destination and enrich their cultural knowledge in an impactful way. During excursions, the guests are introduced towards the rich historical and cultural aspect of the destination. 

Every moment, on board and off board passes instantly, leaving revered guests wanting for more and more. Such is the magnificence of the luxury train that leavs the guests spellbound with its unique cultural and traditional persona. 

We can even say that these unique trains are bedecked with the superlative luxurious experience that brings the best cultural introduction to the country. They are a carrier of priceless Indian culture and present the luxurious side of the country in the most exciting way.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Know about the Maharajas Express Train

Maharaja in India is referred to as the respected king.  It is a respected title given to the kings who ruled in mighty opulence. Same is the case with Maharajas Express Luxury train which is the king of all luxury trains, not only in India, but worldwide. Famous as the most expensive luxury train in the world, the Maharajas Express runs on the five golden routes to royalty in different regions and destinations.
The train is seen with great regard in terms of the variety and fulfilling travelling options it offers. The special luxury train tour itineraries aboard the Maharajas Express venture in different directions of North and North West India to bring out the best of extravagance. The finely crafted itineraries provide authentic royal experiences that personify excellent luxury standards. Every premium luxury train tour offers mighty indulgence to the passengers where they explore the mystique of incredible Indian culture amidst the comfort of spacious cabins, restaurants and luxuriant lounges.
Out of the five impressive itineraries under the aegis of Maharajas Express train, three, namely The Indian Splendour, The Heritage of India and The Indian Panorama extend for 8Days/7Nights. In their delectable journeys, the most luxurious train in the world passes through the rich and enigmatic beauty and appeal of royalty. In their course of action, these itineraries cover the landmark beauty of royal cities like Lucknow, Jaipur, Agra, Ranthambore, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Gwalior, Fatehpur Sikri, Udaipur, Bikaner, Balasinor (Gujarat etc.) In short, it can be said that the variety of destination in Maharaja’s Express is fantastic. And it is the only train that can be taken repetitively to see different destinations in a particular itinerary.
The other two itineraries Gems of India & Treasures of India are short trips stretching at duration of 4Days/3Nights. These two itineraries allow the royal cities of Golden Triangle Tour (Delhi-Agra-Ranthambore and Jaipur) in great opulence.
The variety is the most essential attribute of the Maharajas’ Express that allows passenger to explore India repetitively amidst the royal indulgence of the train. The journey aboard this royal train not only defines the royal lifestyle, but also gives a unique chance to cherish the indulgence that was a norm in princely India.
It is the prized connection with royalty of India that makes Maharajas Express a show stealer in the world of luxury trains in the world. Such is the command of this luxury train worldwide that it has been awarded prestigious World Travel Award consecutively for 2012 and 2013 as the most luxurious train in the world.

Everything said about this train falls short till passengers actually board the most luxurious train in the world and let luxury and palatial comforts surround them in the most magnificent way. 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Know About A Luxury Train In India

The railway world of India is full of variety. There are trains to suit the affluent classes as well as the economy friendly masses. From such a selection of thousands of trains, the country is specially committed to highlight and bring forward the premium luxury trains of India. Ahead in terms of concept, standards and luxury, the special trains are created not only to promote luxury tourism in the country, but also are dedicated to bring out the best of Indian royal magnificence.
There are a number of seasonal super luxury trains in the country, especially created to promote the royalty of the past in present. The trains here are not just the medium of travelling, but play different roles during a special India train tour. Depending upon the time of the day, these special trains are an extravagant suite to be used for relaxing, or a plush restaurant where passengers can get what they want. Also, there is a special lounge cum bar car where passengers can unleash their spirits with the finest accompaniments of best sourced alcohols from the world over. In their free time, they can also relax with the special spa treatment in the spa car of the train.
There are many modes of entertainment in the luxury train as well. Newspaper supply is assured everyday and real time entertainment can also be tracked on Television. The passengers can even mix the business with pleasure by arranging business meetings at the conference car.
While disembarking the train, tourists also witness a splendid dose of cultural entertainment through local folk performances. Colourful and vibrant in every form, these special performances are done to welcome the revered guests in India. During the course of these journeys, the trains pass through the exciting royal excursions that genuinely evoke the most royal experience in India. The travellers are taken to the forts, palaces, game reserves where royals enjoyed their leisure time. Even monumental attractions in the cities are also covered as a part of sightseeing.
All this and much more is a part of India luxury train tour packages. To know more about such splendid trains, visit India Luxury Train.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Know About Luxury Trains of India – Indian Maharaja

In our last post, we got to know about the Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train. This initiative promotes the grand heritage of Maharashtra. But there is more to the Deccan Odyssey train than just a single route. In its periphery it offers grand experiences that go beyond a single luxury train route. To fulfill the journey’s bigger purpose, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation initiated the Indian Maharaja Tour in the year 2009. The special train is distinct in many ways for it connects west to north. This is the main reason why it is also tagged as the pan India itinerary connecting Mumbai to Delhi and vice-versa.
One of the most creative ways of covering the best monumental destinations of India in a single luxurious route, the train is accredited as an innovation in luxury trains. It creatively brings together the heritage attractions in a single journey, most of which are also world heritage sites as well. This aspect also makes this rail journey stand out.
The journey begins its route from Chhatrapati Shivaji Rail Terminus in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. The station is also a world heritage site established by British imperials. From there, exclusive itinerary takes a turn towards ancient heritage of Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Amber hill top fort in Jaipur, Taj Mahal and Agra fort in Agra and Fatehpur Sikri. In between, the passengers are engaged with ultimately luxurious destinations like leisure palaces of Udaipur, Jaipur and Ranthambore national park. In all, the journey brings out the best of India’s culture, history and wildlife in a single attempt.
And when the journey concludes, it takes a ‘U’ Turn from Delhi and goes in the reverse direction for the tourists who wish to experience the luxury train tour in a unique way.
Beyond the sightseeing, the train also culminates the best luxury hospitality experience. The hospitality, managed by the internationally renowned Taj Group of Hotels and Palaces, makes sure that the guests experience the best of onboard services, food & beverage, housekeeping and world-class butler assistance. The hospitality partners of the Indian Maharaja also facilitate the experiential side of journey and make it exclusive in every right.

More to the Indian Maharaja follows… Just tourists need to book their space on it. In the next blog post, we will throw light on the unique itinerary of the Indian Maharaja. 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Know about Luxury Trains of India - Deccan Odyssey Tour

In our series of know luxury trains, we are making an attempt to introduce the railway enthusiasts with the luxury train options in the country. There are numerous journeys in India that bring the opportunity to explore the diverse nature of luxury and royal essence of Maharashtra. This is a seven night luxurious journey offering tourists a generous dose of indulgence in an enriched Maratha way.

 The Marathas of Maharashtra rose up in the medieval history as the warrior clan who protected their land from foreign invasions and attacks. They protected their motherland and became renowned for their proud legacy. The Deccan Odyssey Luxury train is an ode to the indomitable spirit of Marathas and their royalty.
The train in its course of action recreates the royalty in luxury and covers up the main tourist spots in Maharashtra and Goa. Beginning from Mumbai, the tour takes the guests to the lush Konkan Coast and pristine beaches of the region. Thereon, the tour proceeds towards Goa, the state synonymous with holiday in India. After spending two days there, the journey comes back to Maharashtra’s royal city, Kolhapur. Towards the last leg, the train tour takes the tourists through the enchanting heritage marvels of Maharashtra i.e. Ellora and Ajanta Caves.

Throughout the entire course of action, the journey presents a marvelled way to experience the heritage and royalty of Maharashtra. The genuine hospitality, the royal experience, the world class infrastructural requirements, all comes under the repertoire of DeccanOdyssey. It is also a befitting tribute to the royalty under the India LuxuryTrain as well. The train trails on a pan India itinerary as well. In the next post, we will throw the light on the Indian Panorama itinerary as well. 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Experience the royal charm on Royal Rajasthan on Wheels Train

Many travellers pursue India in an attempt to experience its rich royal roots. And the destination that comes up first in this special pursuit is Rajasthan. Crowned as the land of royals, the state has grace, grandeur and glamour to captivate the interest of any traveller. And if we mix the fervour of luxury in it, the joy of the journey multiplies. Keeping the age old association of the region with majestic living in mind, the state has to its credit two luxury trains, i.e. Palace on Wheels and Royal Rajasthan on Wheels.
While Palace on Wheels is inspired by the extravagant lifestyle of the royal princes and kings, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is a modern day interpretation of luxury living in the country. Based on contemporary royal living, this train is an ode to the heritage of royals who lived their life on a larger than life format. For them, everything is defined by extremes. Be it love, patronizing, or admiring, these kings had no bounds on their expression. Even during their travelling, these royals wanted their luxuries to be accompanied with them. This idea brought into life the concept of luxury train.
Every moment aboard this luxury train is woven into an unforgettable experience to be cherished for a lifetime. With utmost consideration of modern day luxury expectation juxtaposed on the medieval royal heritage, the train journey is an attempt to revive the royal lifestyle. Every journey herein rekindles the luxury in the most promising form. Modeled in a contemporary royal style, the train is equipped with the brilliant interiors, gourmet delight, expensive wines, and personalized service by the royal attendants, making you feel like a king for seven days.

Amid the royal comforts of luxury, a respected passenger is taken through a string of legendary cities replete with forts and palaces, desert stretches and jungle escapes for a journey nonpareil. Truly, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels Train Tour is a befitting tribute to the royalty of the state resonating in every way possible.