Experience the India of King

India is known and recognized the world over for devising the concept of Kings. These royal successors, born of high family, possessed valour, had large aims of territory expansion and controlled their kingdom with the implementation of righteousness and discipline. Besides chivalry and courage, these kings had another energetic and enthusiastic inclination towards various art forms. Some of them were even artists, painters, poets and writers by heart. Even though their artistic passions were different, but one facet remained common among all kings. Their penchant towards indulgence.
Each region in the land of hundred kingdoms, India defined indulgence and interpreted it in their own signature style. Some beautified their palaces with intricate miniature paintings, filigree work and other attractive frescoes; others indulged in the pleasures of relaxing in the most comfortable bed, relishing delicacies prepared by royal chefs, and touring with the iconic royal attendants in hand. There were different expressions that defined indulgence of those times.
But if you think the indulgence of the royals is a pass that can never be experience in the current times, then you must not have come across through the concept of luxury trains in India. These trains are the respected rulers in the railway network of the country and bring in the glamour and glorified romance to the usual India tour.
Even the name of such exclusive trains evoke fascination and prestige, just imagine if one avails the opportunity of travelling on such extravagant engines, what will be the outcome? The effect will be enigmatic and exotic where the traveller will be spending time aboard as a king for seven days at a stretch.
The fiesta of this exclusive luxury train begins before boarding the train. The royal welcome accompanied by the foot tapping music and performers at the railway station creates the celebratory ambience for a passenger. The traditional Tilak, Aarti and welcome drink present the hospitable side of India coupled with excitement of welcoming passengers towards the experience of their lifetime. They complete their travel formalities and absorb the jovial welcome and respect as they imagine what holds inside the luxury train standing in front for them.
Once this initial phase is over, the luxury train opens up its doors exclusively for 88 royal passengers. The first step in these exclusive trains transport the passengers to the another world where magnificence is not just the word, but an interpretation defined and cherished in every special offering. This definition can be sensed in larger than life set up of these trains crafted to perfection. Sufficient in every means, these trains have fully furnished deluxe and super deluxe suites, two elegant restaurants with butler assistance, completely stocked bar with world class wines and alcohols, lounge car, spa coupe, to complement the royal journey.
But what makes this train stand apart from the rest of the world is the impeccable hospitality that is evident with the presence of Khidmatgars, or the royal attendants, who graciously cater to and fulfill even the minutest of the passengers’ requirements and make the luxury train tour in India fulfilling for them in every sense. Besides such royal ingredients, there are tour itineraries stretched over a period of seven days to keep the passengers busy and occupied in the day. And at night, they sleep in the lullaby of luxury as they are transported to another exotic destination. 
Everything written here is just a launch pad; the actual experience can be relived the way of Indian Kings and Nawabs. For more of such exciting tour options, visit India luxury Train.

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