Toy Train in India- Mountain Railways of India

India Toy Train Tour – A Best Way To Relive The Childhood Fantasy

Toy trains have been a childhood fantasy, fondly loved and admired by all of us. While playing with a toy engine, we all must have imagined ourselves to sit in it and travel back in time. If you also have thought the same way, then a journey aboard these special engines is not just a mere fantasy, but a reality. The Mountain railways of India offer such an incredible experience of travelling aboard these special heritage locomotives.
Conceptualized to bridge the distance between the plains and the hill stations, these miniature trains have shaped the history of its own by being the most outstanding example of long distance travelling. Marvelled for its bold and creative engineering way in spreading the effective rail link across the mountainous terrain, these hill railways are an exclusive heritage of India.

Due to their outstanding technology and ahead of the times vision, these miniature locomotives even received recognition as a world heritage site in the year 1999 as mountain rails. Later on, the heritage engines on the route of Nilgiris and Kalka Shimla Railways also came under the tag of world heritage site. Since then, the popularity of the toy trains has grown manifold with many foreigners and natives yearning to travel on these special locomotives in India.

While talking about the Indian hill rails, one cannot miss out the endearing legacy of Darjeeling Toy Train. This is the oldest of the mountain railways and also the most spectacular of them all. But creating this most enchanting railway line was not an easy task. The way to Darjeeling had a difficult steep climb. The engineers of the rail track at that time had to crack the code by utilizing the loops and zigzags in order to ease the way and establish the first mountain rail of India. Since then, this special train has crisscrossed the miles of tracks every day and evolved as an impressive tourist attraction and the lifeline of Darjeeling.

Next in the series is the Nilgiri Mountain Railway in Tamil Nadu, heading up to snooty hill settlement of Ooty. Over ascend to the hill station, this exclusive rail trek across plains and lofty forested hills of Nilgiris to create an extraordinary experience. Enroute, the steam locomotive also passes through 16 tunnels and tall bridges serenaded by the dominating mountains here.
Followed by Nilgiris is a line through the historic Kalka-Shimla line.  Established in 1903, this 96 km single track route provided access to the summer capital of Shimla through the scenic track based on 107 tunnels and arched bridges. Still in operation, this hill rail forms the most convenient way to reach the scenic settlement of Shimla.
The fourth one in the series, Neral Matheran line is the 77 year young track connecting the plains to the eco-sensitive hotspot of Matheran Hill Train. Here, no other vehicle, including a bicycle is allowed, which makes this slow speed railway the most prominent way to reach and experience the relief at this peaceful hill station.
These toy trains are meant for only those who appreciate nature and are ready to spare some time onboard. Don’t just consider the slow speed of the steam engine; instead look out for the picturesque flower loops, towering forests, mighty mountains, surrounding villages and much more on this enchanting trail. So, what are you waiting for? If you are heading towards one of the above mentioned hill stations, then block your seat in the India Toy Train tour and bring to life the childhood fantasy of travelling. 

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